MASTER OF MUSIC, major in violin, (scholarship student of Ivan Galamian),The Juilliard School, New York City;

PROFESSIONAL STUDIES, major in violin, (scholarship student of Ivan Galamian), The Juilliard School,New York City;

POSTGRADUATE STUDIES, major in Theory of Music, (minor in piano), Manhattan School of Music, New York City;

BACHELOR OF MUSIC, major in violin, (minor in composition and conducting), graduated at the age of 18 with high honors, Philippine Women’s University, Manila, Philippines;

HIGH SCHOOL, University of the Philippines Preparatory School, Manila, Philippines;

ELEMENTARY, Jose Abad Santos Memorial School, Manila, Philippines; Singalong Parochial School, Manila, Philippines.



MEADOWMOUNT SCHOOL OF MUSIC, (Ivan Galamian, Founder-Director), Westport, Essex County, 



Philippine Women’s University, Manila, Philippines;

FULL SCHOLARSHIP, Music Promotion Foundation of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines;

FULL SCHOLARSHIP, Foundation for Gifted Children, (Children’s Museum & Library, Inc), Manila, Philippines.






VIOLIN SOLOIST, all the major symphony orchestras in the Philippines;

CONCERT VIOLINIST in command performances, solo recitals, TV & Radio cultural presentations,and guest artist performances in the Philippines, Canada, Switzerland,

Italy, Austria, France, Spain, and the United States;

MUSIC CLINICIAN, Greater Washington Suzuki Piano Institute, Falls Church, Virginia (in Washington metropolitan area);

VIOLIN COACH & VOCALIST, affiliated with the Master Singing School Workshop, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia;

VIOLIN SPECIALIST, Montclair College, Music Preparatory Division, Upper Montclair, New Jersey;

HEAD, String Department & Choir Director, Shumiatcher School of Music, Larchmont & Mamaroneck, New York;

HEAD, String Department & Choir Director, Fil-Am Cultural Society of Rockland, New York;

MUSIC DIRECTOR/VIOLIN, PIANO & VOCAL COACH, “Young Musical Glimpses”, Filipino Association of Rockland, New York;

CHOIR DIRECTOR/VOCAL COACH/PIANIST/ARRANGER, New York-PhilAm Lions/Lioness Chorale, NYC;New York-PhilAm Jaycees/Choir, NYC; Philippine Choraleers of NYC; Saint Francis de Sales Children’s Choir, NYC;

GUEST MUSIC COACH, Barangay Theater Guild, Manila,Philippines;

MUSIC DIRECTOR/VOCAL COACH/PIANIST/ARRANGER, De La Salle Collegiate Choral, (De La Salle College,Manila, Philippines);

Philippine Women’s University Glee Club, Manila, Philippines);


COMMAND PERFORMANCE for US President & Mrs. DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER during their state visit in Malacanan Palace in Manila, Philippines;

COMMAND PERFORMANCE for their ROYAL HIGHNESSES of THAILAND in Manila, PhilippinesCOMMAND PERFORMANCE for the Ambassadors & the Plenipotentiaries of the countries from Europe, Latin America, & Asia, and the members of the US Diplomatic Corps in Washington, DC;

“CERTIFICATE of RECOGNITION” at the “Premio Internationale di Violino”, Genoa, Italy;

“HONORABLE MENTION” for her song, “WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN”, (Composers Guild and the National Academy of Songwriters in the US); had its world premiere at the UNITED NATIONS in NYC during the National 100th Anniversary Celebration of the STATUE of LIBERTY; “CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION”, (New York City Consul General Linglingay Fonacier-Lacanlale, “in recognition of her valuable contribution to the successful May Cultural Arts Series in connection with the celebration of Independence in New York City”

“CERTIFICATE of APPRECIATION & RECOGNITION”, Federation of Philippine Societies in New Jersey, (in cooperation with the Filipino-Americans of New Jersey)“acknowledges with appreciation and thank for accepting our request to donate some of your precious time and talent to the cause... ‘to remember....share and give comfort...’ to the New Jersey Filipino-American victims of the WORLD TRADE CENTER tragedy.....and for your generous spirit in helping organize the Memorial Concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ, and which entire proceeds will be given to the Filipino-

American victims’ families”;

“OUTSTANDING YOUNG EDUCATOR AWARD”, unanimously chosen by the Philippine-New York Jaycees, New York City;

“PLAQUE of APPRECIATION”, (Philippine-New York Jaycees/Jaycettes “in recognition of her untiring charitable endeavors and for her generous musical assistance”, New York City;

“APPRECIATION AWARD”, Philippine-American Lions of New York;

“PLAQUE of APPRECIATION”, (Filipino-American Association of Rockland) “for her selfless devotion and perseverance in teaching our children a greater understanding of music that only a great artist can inspire”, Rockland County, New York City;

“AWARD of APPRECIATION”, (4-A Orlando Asian Pacific American Association of AT&T), “for your participation as cultural guest performer in the AT&T Annual Banquet...and for the outstanding entertainment in music on its Financial Services Diversity Day Celebration”, Orlando, Florida;

“CERTIFICATE of SPECIAL RECOGNITION”, (Ambassador Ernesto Pineda of the Philippine Consulate General of New York City) “for promoting Philippine culture;

“AWARD of APPRECIATION”, (De La Salle College, Manila, Philippines) “for having generously assisted the DE LA SALLE COLLEGIATE CHORALE as its Music Directress/Conductress in all its activities and its 1st Solo Annual Concert“;

“HONORS AWARD” (Honors Society of Philippine Women’s University), Manila, Philippines;

“MERITORIOUS AWARD”, (De La Salle College, Manila, Philippines), “for directing/conducting the DE LA SALLE COLLEGIATE CHORALE-PHILIPPINE WOMEN’s UNIVERSITY GLEE CLUB in its first joint choral concert”, Manila, Philippines;

“TESTIMONIAL AWARD”, (Young Artists National Music Contest), Manila Symphony Society, Manila, Philippines;

“MUSICIAN of the YEAR AWARD”, (University of the Philippines), Manila, Philippines;

“MUSIC DIRECTOR/VOCAL COACH/PIANIST, (and later President) of the University of the Philippines Preparatory School Glee Club in her high school Broadway musical productions of “MY FAIR LADY and “SOUTH PACIFIC” (at ages 15 and 16 respectively), Manila, Philippines;

SOLOIST/CONDUCTOR (and later President) of the Jose Abad Santos Memorial School Glee Club (from Grades IV to VII), Manila, Philippines;

GUEST CHILD SOPRANO, MANILA SYMPHONY SOCIETY ORCHESTRA & CHOIR, Herbert Zipper, (Australian conductor), Manila, Philippines;

LEAD SOPRANO (from Grade IV to College), PHILIPPINE WOMEN’s UNIVERSITY CHORALE, Manila, Philippines;

10-YEAR FULL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD”, (Music Promotion Foundation of the Philippines);

“SPECIAL ACADEMIC AWARD”, (Jose Abad Santos Memorial School, and the Philippine Women’s University), “for Scholastic Excellence,

Achievement, & Leadership”, Manila, Philippines;

“SPECIAL RECOGNITION of MERIT AWARD”, (joint award with her official pianist/sister, AGNES MONTALBAN, from the Philippine Women’s University), “for their commendable example of sisterly symbiosis in their musical performances, for their amiable demeanor unspoiled by the many successful engagements they have consistently given inside and outside the campus, thus providing themselves a credit to their parents and to their school”, Manila, Philippines;

GUEST CHILD ACTRESS/MEMBER, Artists Guild of the Philippines, (Gian-Carlo Menotti’s opera, “SAINT of BLEEKER STREET”), Manila, Philippines;

WINNER, “Search for Talent in Violin” (Philippine National Cultural Contest), Music Promotion Foundation of the Philippines;

“GRAND FINALS FIRST PRIZE AWARD”, National Television Annual Talents Competition, “YOUR CHILDREN ON PARADE”, where she was judged “MOST TALENTED CHILD DISCOVERY”, Manila, Philippines.

V. THUMBNAIL REVIEWS: Divinagracia Montalban-Lagua

(concert artist, teacher, music director,

arranger, songwriter)

“Divinagracia Montalban-Lagua is a truly outstanding teacher. She has excellent musical and instrumental concepts. Her teaching is always constructive, thorough, and with great concepts. She is very personable, and both my daughter and I look forward to her lessons with pleasure.”


The Mozart Festival of Lincoln Center

& Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

Divinagracia Montalban radiates soulfulness and commands respect with her fierce talents and decisiveness of technique. She is as gifted a performer as a teacher and music director. Her arrangements are rich with interesting and skillfully weaved counterpoint that heightens the enjoyment of the listeners and her audience.”


Juilliard School alumna &

Director, Shumiatcher

School of Music, New York

Ms. Montalban-Lagua is a gifted and talented artist of the highest quality...An excellent teacher with a willing spirit and who is totally dedicated to her art....an inspiration to her students, an attribute to any institution, and an asset to the world of music.”


Montclair State College, NJ

MONTALBAN DIRECTS BRILLIANT MUSICALE.....The cast was held together by the exemplary commanding and dynamic young conductor. An overflow of audience applauded enthusiastically and was amazed at the incredible talent she demonstrated as she performed her multiple chores in presenting and assisting the performers. She was electrifying....she was terrific!”


Philippine Press, LA-NY

Philippine News, San Francisco

“About Ms. Montalban-Lagua, the inspiring force behind it all, there are not enough words to describe this highly talented musician-artist. Under her dynamic direction, the instrumentalists-turned-singers sang their mentor’s tasteful choral arrangement with a potpourri of broadway excerpts from ‘Oliver’, ‘Annie’, ‘Cats’, and ‘Fame’. The group’s instrumental/choral performance was just a small proof of her ability to teach the art in which she is a master.”


Rockleigh Reporter, NY

Many student musicians dream of performing at the Carnegie Recital Hall. That dream came true for Reina and Sevima Aktay when they were both 9 and 6 years old respectively. Observe their mother, Mary Anne Aktay, ‘There are many rehearsals and ensemble sessions. It takes a lot of time and hard work, but it is worth it because of their teacher. I don’t think they could play as well as they do if not for her.’ “


Suburban Trends,


Kinnelow, New Jersey

“Divinagracia Montalban is a capable and exceptionally talented young artist, and is regarded with the highest esteem as both an extraordinary artist and a fine human being. Delightful and personable, Divinagracia is a most gifted lady who will prove an asset to any organization she has an association with.”


Director, ARS VIVUS

New York City

“Ms. Montalban-Lagua is truly a fine lady who is an absolute treasure. She is a model for both student and parent alike, and the finest example of patience, talent, consideration, and humanist that one would hope to discover. BRAVO!”


Youth Pops String Ensemble

Parent and Patron, Boonton, NJ

Ms. Montalban-Lagua is a rare gem that we have serendipitiously found! She has a genuine interest in the musical development of each of her students. She can invite and meet their individual needs and thus enhance their skills to the fullest. With such a highly qualified music teacher and a wonderful person, who could ask for more?”


Youth Pops String Ensemble

Parents and Patrons, NYC

Ms. Montalban-Lagua’s teaching ability is an innate gift endowed by Divine Providence.”


Brooklyn, NY

VI. MORE MUSIC REVIEWS: Divinagracia Montalban-Lagua’s


“Like her name, Divinagracia Montalban plays with Divine Grace.”


Montclair Art Museum, NJ

“Dynamic performance! BOB RUSSELL, WNYC-FMNYC

Divinagracia Montalban’s technical facility and musical gave a special glitter to her recital. Blessed with so much fire and a tone so sweet, she simply made her violin sing.”


Kansas City

“Divinagracia Montalban is a gifted young violinist endowed with fine technical equipment and deep musicality. She is an engaging recitalist and perform in public with real aplomb.”


Director, EAST and


Divinagracia Montalban delights her audiences by her easy

rendition and musical understanding of the most technically demanding compositions. It is evident she knows her instrument well and is thus able to give full concentration to the interpretative quality of a musical work.”



The violinist, Divinagracia Montalban, executed her piece with such brilliance and superb technicality that she bear watching in the future as one of our outstanding concert artists.”


Village Vibes

Our Town, NYC

Divinagracia Montalban’s display of bravura was simply overwhelming. WOW! So impressed and deeply moved! Best of luck to her on a glorious and distinguished career.”


The Juilliard School, NYC

Divinagracia Montalban’s magnificent violin program was truly one of the most exciting performances we have seen, and in our opinion, displayed great musical sensitivity and craftsmanship.”


The Juilliard School, NYC

So amazed at Divinagracia Montalban’s magnificent recital, masterful technique, and especially her fine musicianship. What a virtuoso! I could have sat and listened for hours, & with joy! I am still smiling from the wonderfulness of that day.”


The Juilliard School, NYC

Child prodigy, Divinagracia Montalban, is now a grown up lady both physically and artistically. Her violin performance showed beautiful energy and had the same familiar control when she had to retard a movement’s phrase, or when she had to put ardor to it.


“Ningas Cogon”, NYC

“INSTINCT WITH SONG”....”Divinagracia Montalban played with a poise and masterly of one already well on the way to becoming another Lozada. She played warmly and expressively with an emphasis and drive that indicated a maturity beyond her present years. From her violin, she produced tones of refined timbers.”


Manila Times, Philippines