Nintendo Wii

Nintendo came out with a Wii Motion Plus device which should enhance your gaming experience. I've played Tiger Woods golf before and although I like the game, I am always frustrated as a game player because I find it too difficult to get accurate shots. With the Tiger Woods 10 and Wii Motion Plus, it just made me love the game. On my first game out of the box, I played an 18 hole course and got 6 eagles and a hole-in-one. What made the difference is that you can accurately line up your shot and when you drive or putt the ball, you zoom in to the target and it tells you how much power you have to hit base on the suggested club. At this point, you just need to swing it with the right power. Of course, you can turn off all these hints as you advance your game but for me, it's just a game so make me like Tiger ;-)

Ben Lagua