iPhone 3GS

I was in line at the AT&T store when it opened up at 7AM last friday to pick-up my iphone 3GS. Unfortunately, it took them a couple of hours to get my phone connected to the network. It seems that their system wasn't quite ready particularly with my 2G to 3GS upgrade path. The cool features for the new phone are video (including built-in trimmer), voice control which is quite accurate and fun to use, and compass which by itself doesn't mean much but combined with the map automatically turns your phone into a GPS that points in the right direction.

I was still unhappy with the memo sync feature but finally settled with the app MOMO which made my treo memo transition to iphone very smooth. We switched from cablevision to directv and I got a bonus with the iphone directv app that allows you to program the vcr remotely. With a few clicks, I can view the channel guide listing and turn on my recording by just selecting the program.

Ben Lagua