Quick Hardware Reviews

Quick hardware reviews (see amazon links on the right):

Cisco-Linksys E3000 - setup was straight-forward and it gives me coverage in the entire house (primary reason I bought this since my Linksys Wireless-G was not able to provide me this coverage). Additionally, you can connect an external hard drive directly to the router for sharing. It also provides option for a guest id so that you don't need to give your network password to your visitors.

HDMI cables from Amazon - can't beat this price!

Jabra Bluetooth BT-530 - If you want to be able to listen to your video, music and even your apps on the iphone with a wireless headphone, this is it!

Pogoplug - Share your external HD on the network.

Roku HD player - Stream netflix, facebook, etc. to your TV wirelessly.

Slingbox HD - Watch your TV on your mobile device or pc from anywhere in the world.

Sony Speaker Dock Clock Radio with 7-inch LCD - works great with all iPhones including iPhone4. You are able to view any video podcast from your iPhone to the 7-inch LCD. You can also play all your music including Pandora. My only complaint is that everytime you want to watch a video, you need to change the settings on the unit. It would have been nice if it recognizes the video automatically similar to music.

 WD TV Live Plus HD - Connect your external HD to your TV to watch movies and view photos.

Ben Lagua